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Benefits of Dustless Sandblasting

At Quinns Painting and Decorating, we recognise the benefits of using dustless sandblasting techniques. It’s safer than using the old silica sand method and can remove rust, paint, render, line markings, graffiti and more.

We’ve come up with a list for you! Here are the top five benefits of dustless sandblasting:

1. Efficient Cleaning

Dustless sandblasting is much more energy efficient for cleaning surfaces.

Paint and rust are removed faster than other sandblasting methods.

The use of water enables the treated area to cool faster.

Cleanliness is a major benefit of dustless sandblasting.

2. Lower Health Risk

Other sandblasting methods like silica sandblasting, can cause respiratory health issues for operators.

The use of water in the dustless sandblasting method, removes all debris and particles in the air. This creates a clean and safe environment for you and our operators.

The sandblasting method we use, is the cleanest method available.

3. Fewer Materials Required

Dustless sandblasting is the fastest and most efficient method of surface cleaning.

Fewer materials are required during the dustless sandblasting process.

It’s less expensive over time. This process provides such high quality results, you may not require to get the job done again.

4. The materials used are less harsh on the surface

Water cools the surface and surrounding areas, making it safer.

This is the most efficient and effective sandblasting method.

The surface is kept in its original form and the area isn’t compromised.

5. Easy Clean-up

Water is an excellent cleaning agent and assists us in removing any oil, rust or debris from the site.

The use of water makes it easier to leave the project area clean.

You won’t find any unwanted debris in the area.

How can a Dustless Sandblasting Business help me?

These days, almost everything is covered in paint, dirt, grime or becomes rusty. The opportunities for sandblasting are endless. That’s why we’ve invested in a high quality machine, to get our jobs done perfectly.

Most of our customers choose this option because of the high quality results and long lasting effect. We also find, that dustless sandblasting is the most environmentally friendly option.

It can be useful in many ways:

  • Concrete and brick cleaning
  • Commercial applications
  • Graffiti removal
  • Powder coating removal
  • Stripe and curb paint removal
  • Marine maintenance
  • Heavy and farm equipment cleaning


Here are some of your Frequently Asked Questions below…

Is dustless sandblasting harmful to people?

Not at all. The dustless process is unlike traditional sandblasting and doesn’t release toxic particles. This leaves the site safer and the air cleaner. We don’t need to wear full PPE either, so our risk of respiratory health problems, obstructed vision or having an accident is eliminated.

Is dustless sandblasting harmful to the environment?

Dustless sandblasting is the least damaging option for the environment. Any debris or remnants from the surface are trapped in the water particles during the cleaning process. This makes cleaning the site much easier. This process even uses less water than a high pressure washer!

Will it warp metal?

No, dustless sandblasting wont warp metal or any other surfaces. The water cools the area and unlike other forms of sandblasting, reduces heat and friction.

What surfaces can be sandblasted?

We apply the dustless sandblasting technique to surfaces such as wood, metal, stone, concrete and bricks. Check out our Sandblasting Blog for more information.

Contact Quinns Painting Today

Our sandblasting team are experienced, professional and use high quality equipment. We guarantee to make your brick walls, metal equipment and other surfaces like new again! Give Quinns Painting a call on (03) 8804 5840 to discuss your next sandblasting project.

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