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7 top tips for choosing the right painter for your job

Choosing the right painting company to restore your most expensive asset, your home or business, can be overwhelming. Especially if they have to come inside to work for a period of time.

There are a lot of handy people that call themselves a painter, yet have no qualifications or experience. Someone charging a small fortune and taking twice as long as a professional painter. We have seven easy to follow steps to keep you out of trouble.


1. Select a painter with experience

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Skill and expertise takes time. Years of painting refines technical skills, increased knowledge of what works and doesn’t work, what materials are needed and what corners not to cut. Ask how many years the painter has been in their trade. This will give you a sure guide whether they have their L plates on or very senior in their experience and knowledge.


2. Legal insurance and license is a necessity

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If the painter doesn’t have insurance, alarms should be ringing! Make sure they have general liability insurance. These credentials show that your painter is professional and qualified for the job. That they can protect your property and their employees if something goes wrong on the job. Ask to see their documentation and if they shy away, then don’t risk your property not being insured.


3. Preparation is the foundation

A good painter will prepare each of their jobs. Sanding, stripping back, cleaning, priming and taping. Preparation and time will give your job the perfect finish. You can pick up some great tips from Dulux here. Clean lines and smooth surfaces. This is where some painters cut corners to save time. Still charging you a high price, but not providing quality in their work. Don’t hesitate to ask what steps they take to prepare a job.


4. Choose a painter with knowledge

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Don’t be afraid to ask your painter technical questions. What steps will they take fix the flaking paint on the trim? Full sun hits the side of our home, what type of paint do you suggest? Their answers will help you determine if they know what they are talking about. Knowledge and understanding by your painter of their trade will show the handy person apart from the professional.


5. Selecting the best quote

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The cheapest is not always the best! Some painters may charge cheap prices to win the job but use low quality paints, rush the preparation and employ inexperienced staff. You will get what you paid for. The best option is a painter that charges middle range prices. Don’t get ripped off by the most expensive quote.


6. Quality guarantee or warranty is important

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Does the painter offer a quality guarantee or warranty on their job? The top painting services provide hassle free guarantees. This means they will come back and fix any problems you are having with their job. This is excellent customer service which gives you peace of mind.


7. Online reviews and reputation

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It is so easy to do a Google search on the painter and read their reviews. Customer feedback is a great resource for you to make an informed choice. Customers are more likely to leave a negative review so research what previous customers are saying.

If you are searching for a trusted painter in Melbourne, then give us a call on (03) 8804 5840 to arrange an onsite inspection. Alternatively, complete the contact form and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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