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5 Key Types of Paint Finishes

If you are new to painting, then choosing the ultimate colour is not only the biggest decision you have to make! It gets even more confusing. What type of paint finish do you need? The quality of paint you choose, like Haymes paint makes a huge difference too.

Paint colour can look totally different depending on the finish. Gloss or matte are not the only options out there. Finishes have come a long way. Don’t panic! This just means there are more possibilities for getting the precise paint for your space.

HouseLogic’s number one rule. The higher the shine, the more durable it will be!


photo of attic window looking out with white painted timber

  • Appearance: A matte look that is the best option to cover any flaws. It may have a chalky texture to it.
  • Facts: Nevertheless, it is the least hard-wearing and doesn’t typically stand up to cleaning and rubbing. Don’t use it in high-traffic areas. If it’s a good quality paint, you should be able to lightly wipe away any flaws.
  • Room: Best for low-traffic rooms with lots of light. Ceiling, dining room, adult bedroom, formal living room.



photo of a bedroom with eggshell grey paint on the walls with queen bed

  • Appearance: It has a fainter shine. Not totally matte, but not shiny either. Extremely popular in family homes with only a slight hint of gloss.
  • Facts: Easier to clean than flat and hides flaws better, but not as durable as semi-gloss. Great for dark rooms or humid spaces.
  • Room: Basement, entry way, hall, living room, dining room, woodwork, trim.



photo of a man painting grey satin paint on the arch of a wall

  • Appearance: The top performer of all the paint finishes when it comes to sturdiness. More light reflecting than flat, putting it right in the middle of the sheen range.
  • Facts: It conceals flaws like uneven walls realistically well and is easy to clean.
  • Room: Best for lively areas. Family room, kitchen, playroom, laundry and children’s room.



beautiful living room with fire place looking out windows to a garden

  • Appearance: Smooth and silky. It has a shine that pairs well with flat or eggshell finishes as an accent.
  • Facts: Very durable and easy to clean. As long as you like a shine, semi-gloss is your pick. Yet, due to its high sheen, you will be able to see flaws more easily.
  • Room: Great for high moisture and high traffic areas. Kitchen, bathroom, laundry, windows, doors, moulding, trim.



dark black window ledge with plant pot sitting on it

  • Appearance: The most durable of all the finishes. High-gloss is light reflective and makes a statement. The dazzling finish gives an opulent effect.
  • Facts: Exceptionally easy to clean. It does show flaws and is the hardest to apply. High-gloss is best used for accents that you want to highlight.
  • Room: Furniture, door, window, trim, moulding, cabinet.


Things to remember when choosing your paint finish

  • Durability
  • Clean ability
  • Child-friendly
  • Ceiling colour and finish
  • Wet rooms

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