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The roof is one of the most important aspects of any home and protecting roof is the key component in extending the life of any building. Almost as important as the foundation and far more risk prone, a roof needs to be properly treated and painted to withstand the Australian harsh climate, intense sun rays and withstand other harmful elements. Properly applied roof paint will be seamless and can prevent and repair damage to the roof that causes leaks. It can add up to 25 years to your roof life.

Roof painting in Melbourne is specially designed to reflect the sunrays; it basically depends on the way it is applied. Light color roof can save up to 50% energy costs. A cooler roof results in lower home temperature. While, on the other side, roofs that are painted with dark colors tends to heat up at day time and cools down at night. Reflective roof paints can reflect the sun rays, keeping the roof cooler, which ultimately results in extended shelf-life of the roof.

Regardless, whether the roof is tiled or corrugates, roof painting is a great way to add value to your property. To get the job done right at the first attempt itself, it’s important to use the right equipments and tools and prepare the roof thoroughly. Several steps are involved in the roof painting process:

Roof Cleaning: Before painting the roof, you need to assure that the roof is thoroughly cleaned. A high-pressure washer is the fast and efficient way to clean the roofs. This can eliminate all the moss and debris leaving your tiles free of mould and dirt.

Roof Repairing: Any cracked or damaged tiles should be repaired or replaced prior to painting. For metal roof, it’s important to remove all the traces of rust. It is always advisable to apply appropriate fungicide to prevent any mould re-growth. If needed, one should also lift the tiles and check for other defects and potential problems like bird nests or rotten timber.

Paint Selection: Always choose the paint that is 100% genuine and comes with minimum 10 years of guarantee. This will prevent water from penetrating and soaking into roof tiles. While color selection, remember that lighter colors reflect heat while darker colors absorb it.

Roof Painting: Make sure that the roof is completely dry before applying the paint. The best and quickest way to paint the roof is with an airless spray gun. If the roof has lost most of its color, a thick coating of sealer should be applied first.

Doing roof painting by your own is not a good idea; it won’t give you the high quality result and is dangerous too. A professional roof painter can get the job done in a most efficient and professional manner. So, if you are looking for a professional roof painter in Melbourne, Quinns Painting can help. Being a renowned and respected name in the painting industry, Quinns Painting provides efficient, reliable and durable roof painting service at affordable rates.  For more information or free price quote, please give a call on (03) 8804 5840.

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